Player profile: JONNY CARR

Having seen limited snaps last year, many may have been unsure of what Carr could produce this year.  The answer was game changing catches and top-receiver production.  There were no ‘early season jitters’ for Carr either, torching a defensively strong Bristol team to the tune of 4 catches; with 2 requiring circus-style contortion tricks in order to pull them in.  Whilst we single this game out, the truth is that Carr’s finger prints are all over any Panthers’ game you’d care to watch, rarely giving the offense less than an extra 20 yards in field position.

The wide receiver tandem of Jonny and Paddy the Panthers had this year would leave most University coaches drooling, the fact that they are both back next year would leave them weak at the knees.  And Carr’s focus is fixed squarely on his team-mate, specifically “Scoring more touchdowns than Paddy.”  Therefore, South Western Division corners:  You’re roles this coming year may well just be as background extras in photos of Carr and Chapman’s campaigns to end the year as top scorer.  Be warned.

The Panther Posits:  You’re allowed to take one person on a date, who is it and why?

“Alexandra Daddario, because she’s bloody peng (gorgeous) and she knows I’ll treat her like the goddam princess she is.”

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