Player profile: Paddy Chapman

Have you played university American Football in the last 2 years?  Have you heard of #87 for the Panthers?  No?  Then you might want to invest a bit more time watching film.  Paddy Chapman, the 2nd year wideout for Oxford Brookes made the transition from good in his first year, to great this year.  When asked what it is about his that makes him so dominant on the field, Chapman just replies “I enjoy the 1-on-1 battles with defensive backs”.  ‘Battle’ is an interesting word to use in this context, because, to paraphrase the X-Men movies, that implies that both sides have an equal chance of winning.  But this just isn’t the case when trying to defend Paddy. 

Not one to hold back his emotions, Chapman was never content with just winning a game, he had his sights set on something bigger.  When asked how he felt with the Panthers sitting at 5-0 he said “It felt good to go this far, but I still wanted more”.  The same could go for his numbers too, finishing the year with an incredible 7 touchdowns.

One thing’s for sure, Chapman was not content with this season, and he won’t be content with anything that falls short of what he achieved this year either.  “Getting to the playoffs again and finishing what we started” is his mission statement, and good luck to anyone who’s going to try to stop him.

The Panther Posits – It’s 3am, you find yourself in a McDonalds with a fiver.  Are you getting a taxi home or ordering?

“Sweet chilli chicken wrap meal with a strawberry milkshake and a free mayo chicken with my student card. I’ll sleep in the toilets.”

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