Award night summary.

Lineman of the Year:

Oliver Lashley – Playing arguably the most loveless positions on the field, Lashley separated himself by winning every match-up he was presented with.  Clearing gaps for backs to run into, or smashing through double teams to create tackles for loss, Lashley led from the trenches.

The Stuart Thorp Award:

Stuart Thorp – Thorp truly embodied everything about the Stuart Thorp award, a Panther from the days of maroon, you always knew where he was on the field.  Through every one of his 5/6/7 years (no-one knows quite when he started university) Thorp wreaked havoc against the opposition, and his liver.

Panther of the Year:

Luke Withers – Last year’s vice-president set the perfect standard of what it means to be a panther: Getting involved on and off the field.  From being present at almost every practise, to showing up for any event put on by the Panthers, and helping with anything he could.  Of course, it helped that he was a beast on the field as well.

Offensive Rookie of the Year:

Arran Gulliver – Gulliver took to his new sport with apparent ease.  Whilst showing off his ability to both run and block selflessly, Gulliver became a touchdown threat every time he touched the ball.  The blend of speed and power made the falcon-back a crucial piece on the offence.

Defensive Rookie of the Year:

Daniel Goodchild – When an injury in game 3 took Ian Whitehead out of the safety spot, Goodchild made sure that the defence didn’t miss a beat.  Stepping into one of the most technical positions on the field, the rookie made sure he led the way with a ferocious tenacity.

Offensive Most Valuable Player:

Cedric Cools – With his combination of acceleration and aggression, Cools had himself a phenomenal year, capped off by an outstanding performance against the Reading Knights.  Cools’ ability to move the ball, whether that be running it up the gut or hauling in a pass, earned him the reputation as the Panthers’ reliable work-horse.

Defensive Most Valuable Player:

Jack Shepherd – The stable presence on defence blitzed, tackled and intercepted his way to defensive MVP honours.  Able to lock down whoever he was matched up against, Shepherd became the player defenders looked to follow.  Big hits became a regular occurrence from the outside linebacker, side-lining the Plymouth QB on the first play of the season.

Special Teams Most Valuable Player:

James Whybrow – The ‘Human Swiss Army Knife’ was one of the most important contributors this season.  Whether it was pinning the opposition deep on kickoffs, placing punts with precision accuracy, or slotting through field goals, Whybrow’s right foot was often a reason the Panthers were able to stay in games.

Most Valuable Player Award:

Oliver Lashley – The dominant lineman and co-president was the deserved recipient of the evening’s most coveted award.  Lashley was a true force on the field, impacting the game during all 3 phases.  But MVP honours also recognise his efforts off the field.  As co-president, Lashley helped develop new players and made the Panthers into an efficient and well-run machine.


Incoming: Luke Withers, Jamie Pierce

Outgoing: Oliver Lashley, Ian Whitehead

Vice President

Incoming: Felix Barry

Outgoing: Luke Withers

Social Secretaries

Returning: Ryan Wiggin

Incoming: Alex Wright

Outgoing: James Whybrow, Rob Howard

Kit and Equipment Manager

Incoming: Rob Smith

Outgoing: Jamie Pierce

Offensive Captain

Cedric Cools

Defensive Captain

Freddie Kuhle

Special Teams Captain

Rob Smith



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